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Introducing Bat Breath Tech Charm – where magic meets modern tech for an extraordinary experience. Each charm is personalized with a unique URL of your choice, linking to your social media profile, business card, website, or any other digital destination you prefer.


With Bat Breath Tech Charm, your accessory becomes more than just a piece of jewelry – it becomes a personalized digital portal. Show off your charm with pride, knowing that it not only showcases your style but also connects others directly to your online presence.


Join the revolution today. Culture is Code!


Graphic Art by Lily Primamore & Something Inappropriate


*Note: If you do not specify a unique URL, we will default to the NYCC website within 3 business days. Don't worry, it will be rewritable and we will be happy to instruct you on changing it, once received. 



"Bat Breath" Tech-Charm

  • Please email the full URL/web address to:



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