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Blockchain Authenticated Apparel

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Yellow Cabs

How Are We Different?


No longer will you wear your favorite brand without earning rewards as you influence others with your #Culture. When someone complements your look, simply offer the sleeve of your garment with our NFC-enabled technology and get rewarded to influence them, right there on 'the street.'

Artists who collaborate with us to design and execute our garments directly participate in the success of that garment through coded royalties. To this end, we work towards greater accountability and ownership for creative expression.

Get Involved.

Thank you for subscribing to our #Culture!

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How does it work?

- Authentication (AES-128)
- Product Details 
- Certificate of Authenticity (NFT)
- Loyalty Rewards & Discounts
- Exclusive Event Access

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Physical Product 
Near Field Communication (NFC)

Need Tech-Imbedded Apparel for your business, cause or community

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  • Improve Customer Experience

  • Enhance Personalization

  • Increase Efficiency

  • Streamline Authentication/Security

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